ARA Consulting


Howard Levitt

CEO, Tourneau LLC

Andy has proven to be a first rate executive who is versatile, resourceful, professional and flexible. Andy was asked to manage a number of diverse areas of the business and without question did an exceptional job. I have zero doubt that Andy will be a huge asset to any company that is fortunate enough to hire him

Richard Caniglia

President at RGC Group, LLC

Andy and I have worked together for over 10 years at Tourneau. I have always respected Andy's work ethic and dedication to his job. If he had a problem he didn't just state the problem but came up with solutions. Andy had several roles at Tourneau and exelled in all. He especially succeeded in the always dificult Service area. This is one area that was riddled with problems and Andy solved them all. He would be a tremendous asset to any organization

Bernhard Stoeber

Watchmaker - Technical Trainer

Usually I do not write recommendations yet in this case it is fully warranted:

While working at RUSA I had the chance to meet and work with Andy shortly after he took over the Service Operations at Tourneau.

Andy has proven to be a most effective professional not only in his original field of expertise (sales and marketing) yet also in the ever demanding customer service business and operations. In my dealings I found Andy to be fair, attentive to customer/client needs, courteous to all he came in contact with. He is in my opinion a leader, great manager and innovator and can recommend him to anyone who wants to hire an ultimate professional.

Suzanne N. Adams

Extraordinary Client Services Marketing Strategist

I never cease to be impressed by Andy's keen sense of business, dedication to customer service, drive to do what's right, and high level of integrity. Together, we transitioned one of Tourneau's key service programs from a competitor to Assurant Solutions. Through Andy's leadership, this program was taken to the next level; coverage enhancements and process improvements elicited revenue growth and increased customer satisfaction scores. Additionally, Andy has played an integral role in my personal development by subtly asking questions and guiding me to look at scenarios from alternative perspectives. Andy will be an asset to any organization fortunate enough to secure his talents.

Lorelle Powell

Business Development at Assurant Solutions

Andy has proven to be a terrific business partner. He immediately recognized the margin potential of the Watch Protection Program and the financial impact it would have at Tourneau. Through his leadership, he focused the organization on making the program grow and flourish while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. This could not have happened without his dedication and commitment to the program and Tourneau. I am proud of what we accomplished together and look forward to working with Andy again with new business opportunities

Ed Stagman

SVP Store Operations at Saks Fifth Avenue

Andy is an excellent Operation leader. While at Saks Off 5th he developed many of the operational practices for this newly formed enterprise in the off price space. His leadership was valuable as we expanded the number of stores and he was terrific at selecting a team and developing those teams to achieve success in opening and operating stores. Andy is innovative, always seeking improvements and efficiencies, and is always focused on delivering the goals of the company. He possesses a complete understanding of the P & L and drives for success

Bosco Chao

Vice President of Information Technology at Tourneau

I have known and worked with Andy for over 10 years. Andy hired me at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th. He has been a mentor and a friend to me over the years. Andy is top executive who is very innovative, organized and possesses great vision in everything that he does.

Peter Foster

Vice President, Customer Service at Swatch Group US

Over the years Andy and I have worked together on special projects to improve the service levels and resolve customer issues for our respective companies.

Andy has been fair, concise and proactive in bringing his division to the forefront of customer service in the retail industry.

The best intentions for both his customers and employer were kept in mind when dealing with Andy.

Jeff Unterreiner

Chief Marketing Officer - Europe

Andy has a unique approach and understanding of the retail marketplace. His combined and thorough understanding of financials, store operations and marketing allow him to focus his team's efforts in the most efficient and effective manner to produce results.

Sal Cacioppo

National Service Director at Tourneau

I have worked directly for Andy for the last 6 years. Under his leadership major improvements were made in the efficiencies of the service department. This translated to providing superior customer service and delivering a quality repair resulting in a loyal clientele. Andy was able to accomplish this while improving on the profitability of the department.

Andy has the managerial skills which elicit the best from the individuals who work for him.

Andy should be proud of the work he did and whatever company he ultimately decides to work for, he will bring the same energy and positive outlook to the business.

Carole Vitiello

Practice Development Manager

I had the privilege of working with Andy as his Assistant General Manager and business partner during my tenure at Off Fifth, a division of Saks Fifth Avenue.

During the time that Andy and I worked together, I was constantly impressed with Andy's ability to manage the operational demands of a multi-million dollar retail business, while providing his direct reports with the leadership, direction and guidance that was needed for our ongoing development and success.

Andy had that rare ability to guide rather than direct, and was patient and giving of his time with all members of his team, from executive to stock associate.

Andy is a master operator and strategist, and I still consider him to be my mentor in regard to operational excellence. The Andy Arluck standard is definitively equal to the gold standard.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Andy again, and truly believe that his talent would be an asset to any company fortunate enough to have him in leadership role

Marti Solomon

Senior Vice-President, Human Resources at Calvin Klein

Andy was one of my first bosses when I began my career in Human Resources as an HR Administrator at Saks Fifth Avenue. I learned so many things from him; whether it was how to handle a difficult customer situation or the importance of being decisive. He was an expert at delegation which not only helped to give me a sense of autonomy but also served to develop my self-confidence. I would love to work with Andy again!

Richard Silverberg

Experienced Global Logistics Executive

I have had the privilege of being a colleague of Andy Arluck for a number of years. Andy has been a direct report, as well as, an internal stakeholder and "customer" within one of my areas of responsibility.

I have found Andy to be exceptionally talented, creative, and innovative. He has always aligned the objectives, within his areas of responsibility, to support the growth, service, and P&L goals of the company. Andy is an effective leader, setting examples of a strong work ethic, combined with a goal oriented attitude. He has strong operational experience and customer service skills, as well as, works effectively with internal and external stakeholders. Andy is capable and successful in establishing strategic and tactical action plans that produce high impact results.

Andy Arluck is a valuable asset to any company. I highly recommend Andy.