ARA Consulting


Comprehensive review of all components of store operations to maximize store process improvement and consistent execution – Areas to review include, but are not limited to

  • Analysis of Payroll Budget including salary structure and incentive programs
  • Labor scheduling
  • Talent selection
  • Opening and closing processes
  • Inventory Management and shrink control
  • Existing Best Practices
  • Develop strategies and Best Practices to enhance productivity and profitability Implementation and training to achieve desired results

Case Study


Jewelry store lacked a comprehensive set of Best Practices to operate the store productively.

Labor Scheduling did not allow the time necessary to perform important tasks

Detailed counts were to be taken prior to opening and after store closing

Jewelry counts were taking place when customers were in the store created a flawed environment. Very high shrink results resulted

Merchandising presentation was not up to standard because the cases were not cleaned up and merchandise was not replenished either after store closing or prior to store opening

Management and staff were not up to the task of managing the store resulting in a loss for the organization

Talent selection was flawed

Low salary and lack of incentives did not attract the appropriate talent


Developed a Payroll structure that would include industry standards for Management and staff Areas of focus:

Competitive base salary

Incentives and bonus based on reaching goals and stretch goals

Hired the appropriate talent to successfully manage and operate the store

Created Best Practices for all areas of store operations, including, but not limited to:

Jewelry Counts, including checks and balances leading to accountability

Developed consequences for non-compliance

Store presentation, including cleanup and replenishment

Processing new receipts and transfers

Created a work schedule allowing for Best Practices to be performed successfully.


Shrink disappeared

Sales increased dramatically

Store contributes to the profitability of the organization