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Areas of focus include; but are not limited to:

Retail consulting firm on Long Island, ARA Consulting is led by Andy Arluck; his passion for retail has resulted in the successful attainment of organizational goals through developing and implementing strategic plans with the dynamic teams he has pulled together over the 30 years he has been working in this field.

Senior Executive positions in both store and corporate worlds with Saks Fifth Avenue and Tourneau LLC provides the depth of knowledge that allows us to teach, coach and work with clients to achieve the goals of the organization. We have worked with several businesses from Suffolk & Nassau County to NYC, please read our case studies.

Store Operations
Development of Best Practices to ensure highest possible productivity

Customer Service
Review process, identify opportunities, and define specific strategies to enhance the customer experience

Review company logistics with the objective of getting the right products in the hands of satisfied customers at the time of demand.

Review store systems to ensure that current trends in reporting and process improvement are maximized.

After Sales Service
Customer satisfaction with after sales services is a strong indicator of customer retention. We can develop tracking and customer interactive programs to ensure the highest level of after sales service is attained.


Andy has proven to be a first rate executive who is versatile, resourceful, professional and flexible. Andy was asked to manage a number of diverse areas of the business and without question did an exceptional job. I have zero doubt that Andy will be a huge asset to any company that is fortunate enough to hire him.
Howard Levitt
CEO, Tourneau LLC See more

Our Mission:

The MISSION of ARA Consulting is to provide clients with customized, innovative strategies that are best in class, resulting in:

  • Superior customer service
  • Higher Profitability
  • High Quality of products and services offered
  • Resolution of client issues and concerns
  • A blueprint for continued growth and evolution of the business

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